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Runway Closure at the St. George Regional Airport (SGU)

Closes on May 29, 2019 – Reopens on September 26, 2019


We are days away from the reopening of the St. George Regional Airport (SGU). This project to remove and replace 5,400 feet of runway due to expanding soils has been very successful. To celebrate this achievement, we are inviting the public to join us for an Open House on Wednesday, September 25. Thank you for your patience and for choosing SGU!
SGU - The Runway Project
Open House
Wednesday, September 25
SGU Terminal - 4550 S Airport Parkway
From 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Bring your family and friends and join us at the airport terminal. Take a look at our improvements, catch a FREE bus tour of the newly finished runway and enjoy a visit with Rich Stehmeier, Airport Manager and other airline professionals. Parking is Free, and there will be light refreshments provided by SGU.

SGU Closure Frequent Questions

Yes! The airport will open at 12:01 a.m. with inbound and outbound flights. 

We currently have snacks from our vending machines but are looking to add additional food options in the coming year.

Yes. As our community grows, SGU will grow as well. Future improvements could include an expanded terminal, longer runway and other amenities. Our current runway is long enough, wide enough and strong enough to handle up to a Boeing 757 or B-747 if needed. We will share updates as improvements are finalized.

It is an expensive project to get covered parking and would cost somewhere around $10 per day compared to the current $5-6 per day rate. We have looked at solar panels as covered parking and will continue to research viable options. 

Life Flight has moved their fixed wing aircraft to the Cedar City airport. Their helicopter traffic is based at the hospital. SGU would be available for daytime use by the Life Flight helicopter crew if needed. 

Yes. Phase I has begun. The contractor, JP Excavating, is on-site at the airport excavating material and creating suitable fill which will be used under the new runway as part of the stable base. Removal of this material will allow the airport to add additional hangers in the future.

No. Please remove your vehicles from the parking lot after the 29th, as the parking area will be getting resurfaced and re-painted.

The terminal improvements will be mostly cosmetic with no expansions. We will upgrade restroom facilities, add large fans in the Canyon area to help with ventilation, and there will be some new paint and carpet in specific areas. 

Please call (435) 627-4080 for additional information.


No. Helicopters will still be able to operate into the airport. The airport will be closed to all fixed wing aircraft. 

At this time SkyWest and Delta have said that they may move some additional SGU to SLC flights to Cedar City. Please check with Delta or SkyWest for additional information.

The contractor will have two crews each working an 11 hour shift, Monday through Friday with weekend work added as needed to complete the project on time.

Enterprise, Budget and Avis will have skeleton crews at SGU to meet the need of their customers. 

Phase I, the creation of fill material, is a 45 day contract and will be finished about the first week of June. Phase II, the removal and replacement of the runway, will start May 29 and this contract is for 120 working days with completion by September 26, 2019.

Environmental Impact Study

Date Name
07-07-2016 _Table of Contents
07-07-2016 Appendix A; Principles of Noise Eval
07-07-2016 Appendix B Pages 195-239
07-07-2016 Appendix B; Glossary of Terms Pg 1-16
07-07-2016 Appendix B; Pages 58 -138
07-07-2016 Appendix B; Pages 139-195
07-07-2016 Appendix B; Pages 240-265
07-07-2016 Appendix C; Air Tour Survey
07-07-2016 Appendix D; Airport Redevelopment
07-07-2016 Appendix E; Aviation Forecasts
07-07-2016 Appendix F; Cultural Resources
07-07-2016 Appendix G; Biological Resources
07-07-2016 Appendix H; Air Quality
07-07-2016 Appendix I; Ambient Noise
07-07-2016 Appendix J; Water Rights
07-07-2016 Appendix K; Notice of Intent
07-07-2016 Appendix M; Properties Included
07-07-2016 Appendix N; Natl Park Coord
07-07-2016 Appendix O; Tribal Coordination
07-07-2016 Appendix P; Coor with Corps of Engineers
07-07-2016 Appendix Q; Public Hearings
07-07-2016 Appendix R; Comments and Concerns
07-07-2016 Appendix S; Noise Levels
07-07-2016 Appendix T; Audibility Eval
07-07-2016 Appendix V - Noise Model
07-07-2016 Appendix W; Noise Mitigation
07-07-2016 Appendix; MOA FAA-Zion
07-07-2016 Chapter 1; Proposed Project
07-07-2016 Chapter 2; History and Background
07-07-2016 Chapter 3; Purpose and Need
07-07-2016 Chapter 4; Alternatives
07-07-2016 Chapter 4; Public Use Airports
07-07-2016 Chapter 5 Topography
07-07-2016 Chapter 5; Affected Environment
07-07-2016 Chapter 5; Military Training Routes
07-07-2016 Chapter 5; Public Lands 2
07-07-2016 Chapter 5; Public Lands 3
07-07-2016 Chapter 5; Public Lands
07-07-2016 Chapter 5; Site Map
07-07-2016 Chapter 6; Environmental Consequences
07-07-2016 Chapter 7; Cumulative Impacts
07-07-2016 Chapter 8; DOT Land Acts
07-07-2016 Chapter 9; Preparation-distribution
07-07-2016 Comments_Individual Citizens_web112805
07-07-2016 Commments_State Agencies_web112805
07-07-2016 Correspondence - EA1
07-07-2016 Correspondence-Environmental
07-07-2016 Correspondence-National Parks
07-07-2016 Executive Summary
07-07-2016 Exhibit 4, Phase I Env Site Assess
07-07-2016 Exhibit 5
07-07-2016 Final EIS Habitat Map
07-07-2016 Noise Monitoring-Zions Park
07-07-2016 Notice of Avail_050306
07-07-2016 Pages from Correspondence-Environmental
07-07-2016 Supplemental Notice of Avail_051606

Frequently Asked Questions

Avis: 435-627-2002

Budget: 435-673-6825

Enterprise: 435-673-5647

Hertz: 435-652-9941 


Yes. For school tours and private showings, please contact the Administrative professional, by email at  or by telephone at 435-627-4081 to make arrangements. Tours will be limited to staff time availability.

Click on the following link

Contact your airline directly.

Contact the airlines directly to make reservations. Telephone numbers are listed below : 

American Airlines: 1-800-433-7300 (for flights to Phoenix)

Allegiant Airlines: 1-702-505-8888 (for flights to Mesa, AZ)

United Airlines: 1-800-864-8331 (for flights to Denver an Los Angeles)

Delta Airlines: 1-800-221-1212 (for flights to Salt Lake City) 

Parking can be paid by cash or credit card. The airport accepts Visa and MasterCard only. Cash can be paid at two locations; one inside and one outside of the terminal. Insert your ticket and payment. The kiosk will mark your ticket as paid. KEEP YOUR TICKET to insert into the parking machine as you leave the parking lot.

Lost baggage should be reported to your airline or call the SkyWest counter desk at 435-634-3480. To report personal items (other than baggage) lost on the airport, contact the Administrative professional at 435-627-4081. 

About one hour prior to the scheduled flight take off time.

At the roundabout on South Airport Parkway, follow to the entrance of the Airport Terminal. The ticket gate access lane will be on your left side. Press button to dispense a parking ticket and gate will open for access. 

Yes. The charge is $5.00 per day and can be paid by cash, check or credit.  

Paid parking is now in effect. The first hour is free and is $5.00 per day thereafter. 

Yes, please call the Airport Administration Office at 435-627-4080. 

Call the Airport Administration Office for a telephone number to Sky West Airlines. 

Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8: 00 am to 5:00 pm.

The Airport Terminal is open 7 days a week, 4:45 am to Midnight.

Security and ID requirements change frequently. For more information, click on the following link to the TSA website

St. George, Utah

No, you will need to make arrangements for these in advance, click the following link to find available services

Wi-Fi at this location provided by AWI Networks, a local internet service provider.

SGU By the Numbers

  • 9,300 ft. (1.8 miles) runway expandable to 11,500 ft.
  • Built on 1,203 acres.
  • Two 50 ft. wide parallel taxiways (one partial and one full length)
  • Meets all FAA safety requirements
  • State of the Art Instrumentation Approach
  • Construction provided hundreds of local jobs in a difficult economic climate
  • Will accommodate regional jet aircraft, 737s and Airbus 319s
  • Access provided from the new Interchange two and Southern Parkway which is part of the proposed Dixie Regional Beltway
  • More property for General Aviation operations and Fixed Base Operators
  • Full ILS instrumentation and navigational aids will be available
  • Completely expandable to allow the City to meet future needs of the community and area
  • Thousands of adjacent developable acreage to accommodate economic development activities
  • Opportunities for other destinations and airlines if and when the market dictates
  • Great time to build because of low construction and material costs, with bids coming in at an average of 45% to 50% below 2007 estimates
  • Modern 35,000 sq. ft. terminal building. Terminal is expandable

New Airport Funding 

  • The total cost of the replacement airport is estimated at $159 million
  • Approx. $123 million is coming from FAA grants. The City also received an additional $3 million in ARRA funds in 2009 for the terminal building
  • Approx. $10 million is coming from Washington County through the use of Transient Room Tax
  • Approx. $23 million is coming from City transportation and water/sewer funds
  • No property tax, income or sales tax was used to fund city financial obligation for the new airport

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