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  • 9,300 ft. (1.8 miles) runway expandable to 11,500 ft.
  • Built on 1,203 acres.
  • Two 50 ft. wide parallel taxiways (one partial and one full length)
  • Meets all FAA safety requirements
  • State of the Art Instrumentation Approach
  • Construction provided hundreds of local jobs in a difficult economic climate
  • Will accommodate regional jet aircraft, 737s and Airbus 319s
  • Access provided from the new Interchange two and Southern Parkway which is part of the proposed Dixie Regional Beltway
  • More property for General Aviation operations and Fixed Base Operators
  • Full ILS instrumentation and navigational aids will be available
  • Completely expandable to allow the City to meet future needs of the community and area
  • Thousands of adjacent developable acreage to accommodate economic development activities
  • Opportunities for other destinations and airlines if and when the market dictates
  • Great time to build because of low construction and material costs, with bids coming in at an average of 45% to 50% below 2007 estimates
  • Modern 35,000 sq. ft. terminal building. Terminal is expandable



New Airport Funding 


  • The total cost of the replacement airport is estimated at $159 million
  • Approx. $123 million is coming from FAA grants. The City also received an additional $3 million in ARRA funds in 2009 for the terminal building
  • Approx. $10 million is coming from Washington County through the use of Transient Room Tax
  • Approx. $23 million is coming from City transportation and water/sewer funds
  • No property tax, income or sales tax was used to fund city financial obligation for the new airport